The Sailor Sons Smiled

In recent weeks, Mother Goose requested a GIGANTIC favor of her readers and fans: to flood the mailbox of her sailor sons with Christmas cards from around the nation and around the globe.

We are happy to report that “Operation: Christmas Card” was an ENORMOUS success! My sons only check their mailbox a couple times a week because usually there’s nothing in there — there’s nothing more depressing than an echoing mailbox at Christmas.

But when they checked it, they found ten cards! They were happily surprised, and didn’t know a single person who sent them!

The next time they checked their mail there were twenty cards all stuffed inside!

On Christmas Day, they reported to me that they had fifty more cards in their mailbox! They laughed and smiled at the wonder of it all!

Just a few of the cards they received...

Just a few of the cards they received…

There were cards from school children with the kindest sentiments of encouragement and Christmas love. There were cards from retired Navy officers. There were gift cards and goodie boxes. There were handmade ornaments — those sweet popsicle stick creations that always bring joy on the tree.

Wherever you are, dear readers, Mother Goose is honking a delightful “thank you” in your general direction. If a goose flies over your house honking today, it’s me. If a goose is near your pond flapping her wings and honking for joy, it’s me. If you see goose tracks in the snow, that was me dancing a jig of great happiness.

With all my heart, I thank you for making a difference. My sons will never forget Christmas 2012 because of your gracious thoughtfulness and consideration to them. My sailor sons smiled on Christmas Day.

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  1. jeff noel
    Dec 28, 2012 @ 13:39:35

    Natalie, what a lovely, thoughtful idea to surprise your Sons. Just sent out “Happy New Year” cards today.


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  3. Patty Hebert
    Dec 28, 2012 @ 16:34:49

    Plans for Valentine’s Day? 🙂


  4. Three Well Beings
    Dec 29, 2012 @ 01:00:52

    How did I miss your request! Boo hoo! I am really sorry to have missed out on the Christmas blessings to your sons! I’m delighted they had so many lovely cards and greetings, though. And you just say the word next time…I’ll be there! oxo


  5. Dianna
    Jan 01, 2013 @ 14:34:09

    Aw…I see my card in that picture! I was truly happy to send a card to wish your sons a Merry Christmas and thank them for their service. Happy New Year, Natalie!


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