The Christmas “WOW Factor”

Mother Goose has been “hunkering down” this past week — so very occupied with my Christmas preparations. I seem to cram all of Advent into the week before Christmas. In the past seven days, the goose family has been so busy it makes my feathery head just spin!

I have said “Wow!” over and over again.

Last Saturday, our family all attended the Elgin Symphonic Orchestra’s holiday extravaganza, “Let It Snow” followed by an 11:00 pm dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Campana.

Benny, Jessi and Eric at La Campana

Benny, Jessi and Eric at La Campana

The very next day we gathered to celebrate the birthday of Mother Goose which proved to be all about pie.

The wonders of pie...

The wonders of pie…

There was holiday decorating.


There were nearly 10,000 cookies to bake, pack and ship to family around the globe. There were Christmas cards to sign and mail to friends near and far. Of course, there was shopping for the perfect gifties and wrapping of the perfect gifties.

Secret stash...

Secret stash…

There were fun surprises lurking around many corners.

Mother Goose snuggling up with Santa Claus.

Mother Goose snuggling up with Santa Claus.

And it all comes down to the most major celebration of all on December 25th.

Mother Goose has tried to maintain a sense of order and peace and joy throughout these days of prep. I have believed in decorum. and I have believed Christmas music. Though personal conflict might come in many sizes and shapes, we try to keep our tidings glad and our days merry and bright.

Of course, we also remember the mundane tasks which must be accomplished (the laundry, the dishes, the bathroom cleaning chores), but the priority must be the remembrance of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

Yesterday, Mother Goose spent hours sequestered in her bedroom with only the company of wrapping paper, tape, scissors and shopping bags full of the spoils of several trips out into the mobs and gangs of shoppers. My youngest gosling spent the day coughing and sneezing on the couch with the Snuggie she received last Christmas Eve. She found solace on the Disney channel and with her friends on Nickelodeon.

Taking a break from her wrapping exertions, stiff and sore Mother Goose would occasionally check in on the sick girl’s health and fill her glass of ice water. AnnaRose was a good patient, and Mother Goose accomplished great and noble things for the good of Christmas Day…

Today, this youngest in the flock queried Mother Goose about those presents which had been the day-long obsession for her mother: “And why don’t you just bring them all down and put them under the Christmas tree?”

With tired, red-rimmed eyes, Mother Goose looked at her little girl and patiently replied, “We’re going for the WOW Factor, my dear daughter.”

And yes, indeed, it is always the WOW Factor, isn’t it, my dear readers? The children awake on Christmas morning and scamper to the tree. The piles of colorfully wrapped presents are here, there and everywhere around the tree. Skyscrapers of gifts stacked to the ceiling. What was a simple and empty beautiful space the night before has become a veritable and magical and majestical Mount Everest of joy and fun, dreams realized, and wishes come true.

Santa Claus has been here, and the dawning of this day is good as gold.

The happy laughter and shrieks of delight as the gifts are opened, the camera flashes, the silliness of the shredded wrapping paper all over the floor, WOW!

The endless plates of cookies and candies, WOW.

The tables laden with pies and centerpieces, the sumptuous Christmas dinner, the roast beast and the Yorkshire pudding, the fruit cakes, the flowing wine and eggnog, WOW.

Perhaps there will be fresh Christmas snow, WOW.

So much WOW everywhere you look.

But the biggest WOW of all is that God loves us so much that He sent His Son to earth as a baby boy who grew up to be a perfect man. He came to live among people, to heal us of our sins and sicknesses, to teach us about His Father and to make a way for us to live for eternity in heaven. From the cradle to the cross, Christmas is all about Jesus.

Jesus is The Christmas WOW Factor.

Merry Christmas with love from Mother Goose! WOW!


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  1. Bunn
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 14:23:36

    Wow perfectly said! :))


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