Please Pass the Joy Butter

Quite recently, I was asked the question that all authors, bloggers and ordinary people love to answer:

“Why do you write?”

Those four words are deeper than you can imagine! To even begin to answer the question requires much thought and soul-searching. Most writers would toss it back and forth between their ears, and mull it into a warm autumn drink. They would then consider the options; they would weigh the outcomes and pontificate on the ramifications.

It took me about three seconds to answer…

I write to spread Joy Butter over the toast of ordinary, everyday life.

Eric needs a little Joy Butter on his rye bread.

The Lord said that we should pray, “Give us this day our daily bread.” Toasting the bread is good — getting it warmed and crunchy is a fine morning tradition — it’s completely palatable and nourishing. However, dry toast can be…well, dry! It can be just crumbs in your mouth, pretty bland and ordinary. But omigooseness when you spread a pat of butter over the toast….why it just makes a world of difference.

Do you have “toast” days?

Kinda of dry, kind of boring, kind of crumby…

Mother Goose is here with her Joy Butter, ready to add some flavor and smiles to your day. Please pass the Joy Butter!

An Open Letter to Mrs. Biles

Dear Mrs. Biles,

You probably do not remember me. You were my third grade teacher. I only had one third grade teacher, but you must surely have taught a million kids in your career, and I was just one of them. I remember you drove all the way from Pepin, Wisconsin to Lake City, Minnesota just to teach us every single day.

I wonder if you remember something you said to me forty four years ago… You said, “Natalie, when you get your first book written and published, please send me a copy of it.” You liked my writing, and that meant a lot to me.

For awhile in your class I wrote a classroom magazine called “The Book of Everything”. It had funny pictures, puzzles and games, cool ideas, and some fiction stories as well. I designed it and wrote it, and I showed it to you. You showed it to the class, and the other kids read “The Book of Everything” when they had some free time.

Mrs. Biles, I haven’t written a real book yet, but I think about it all the time. While I’m waiting to do that project, I’ve been writing some funny stories about people I know and the adventures we have in our lives.

If you are reading this, please be patient with my delay in getting published. Thanks so much for believing in me and giving me your gift of encouragement. I have never forgotten you, Mrs. Biles!

Love, Natalie (aka Mother Goose)

[inspired by my bloggish friend Yearstricken)

A sample classroom from the 1960's...Mother Goose is not here.

Mediocrity at its finest!

So I decided to begin The Novel.  I wrote one page.  It was neither hot nor cold, so I vomited it out of my computer.  On to the next big thing!

I’ve been inspired lately by some really great writers and thinkers.  People who “poke the box” and people who believe that we should “love like there’s no tomorrow” and people who believe in the almighty power of prayer and people who know that we have abundant lives if we will just stop and notice.

So no more historical novel for me.  It was an interesting idea, but it’s not my cup of tea.  I like to write about people — THAT is my niche.  I love to dig into who they are now and dream about where they are going next.  I am looking for Jesus in everybody I meet.  Sometimes I make up people (and that’s really fun!) but the folks I meet are always more interesting than the ones I create.

Although I DO have a funny fictional character named Little Wife, and I might tune into her channel and see what’s happening over there lately.  Anyway, thank you for helping me to focus, and for helping me see what’s real and helping me to go for the GUSTO and BALANCE and PEACE and JOY of being who God made me to be.

Blessings on you today!  Love, Natalie

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