On the Farm with a Goose

Mother Goose will now continue her story of the surprise visit to northern Minnesota. Only two people in the family of Goose knew of the impending visitation, Brother Goose and Loon Goose. I know that they can be counted on to keep big secrets because he’s a state forester and she’s a banker.

On Saturday, we all drove up to the farm of Brother and Loon. Yes, indeed, they have a work farm. Some people might call it a hobby farm. They have barns and other outbuildings, and that’s the proof of a farm. They have chickens and eggs. They have flower gardens with poppy pods and butterflies. They have a giant English Mastiff doggie named Harley Windsor of Sturgeon.

If you like farm songs, or if you like old Hank, here’s a song to listen to whilst you look at the pictures of our visit to the farm.

The first thing Mother Goose had to do was just a little plowing in the field.

The children of Mother Goose got very busy shucking some corn.

We fed the chickens, all thirteen of them.

We gathered an egg, much to the amazement of this goose.

Finally, time to relax and enjoy some kissing, down on the farm.

Here’s Harley kissing his mother, Loon Goose.

Dear and gentle readers, they fed us well for all of our hard work. There were sandwiches of smoked turkey and ham, salads and beans, corn on the cob and sauted squash. For dessert, they served us an old favorite: Angel Food Cake with strawberries and whipped cream. The hours were happy, so full of laughter and gaiety. Too soon, we had to leave the farm. But we tucked our memories neatly in our pockets and headed down the road to prepare for the next event, “Surprise Dad at The Church Meatball Supper.”

You’ll want to come back tomorrow for that story…

Love, Mother Goose

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