There’s a Toxophilite in My Heart!

Without a question, you are asking yourself, “Mother Goose, are you OK? Is there something I can do? How can I pray for you?”

My dear and gentle readers, have no fear for Mother Goose — all is well.

I have done my American civic duty this morning; I have eaten my chicken vegetable soup for lunch; I have taken my dog for her morning walk.

And yet, I must confess — there is a toxophilite in my heart. It surely sounds serious, doesn’t it? It sounds chronic. It sounds, well…downright TOXIC. But it’s not bad at all.

Simply put, a toxophilite is one who adores the sport of archery! The toxophilite in my heart is named AnnaRose — she’s a nine-year old with a passion for the bow and arrow. And she’s really really good at it! This fall has been her first experience with archery — the teacher spent the first two sessions instructing these kiddos on the basics of stance, posture, safety and shooting at a target.

Look! There’s a young toxophilite now!

By the third week, the children were ready for balloons! Popping balloons became an instant Olympic sport at the Archery range! And, this proud goose is happily honking that my own daughter has successfully popped every single balloon attached to her target. The final class was a super-terrific day — four times up to shoot, four balloons bit the dust!

Pretty toxo-stupendous, if you ask Mother Goose. Honk! Honk!

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