Happy NaPoWriMo to you, Mother Goose

Spring has sprung up around Mother Goose when she wasn’t looking! And with spring comes a certain stirring in the heart of a goose. No, it is not the “Call of the Wild” for the cause of procreation — Mother Goose has done enough procreating in the past 26 years to keep the family genetics ongoing for several generations to come!

Indeed, what I feel is NaPoWriMo springing up within my feathery bosom.

Mother Goose is nose-diving into the crystal clear pond of National Poetry Writing Month here on WordPress and I believe that I’ll go down deeper than any goose may have gone before. I will most assuredly find uncharted waters as I share my poetry with all of my most devoted and sincerely faithful followers.

Today is the first day.

Shall we begin?

Home is where Mom makes lunch.

a story of love
inside my heart
the sound of dishes clatter

you hold my hand
I kiss your cheek
my babies pitter patter

I cook your lunch
you sniff your tears
oh baby, what’s the matter?

don’t like my soup
please pick me up
Mommy be Mad Hatter

we laugh and lunch
whirl kitchen dance
soupy spinning splatter

Campbells soup

Important Stats for a Goose

  • 78,647 honks to date

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