A Goose Walked over my Grave

Mother Goose has been extremely hesitant about posting this story. I want to be sensitive to the grief of Zane’s family and friends, and I don’t want to be disrespectful to his memory. But the thought occurs to me that if he included my sons in his circle of friends, then that’s the proof that he had a good sense of humor. They are funny and interesting characters to say the least… And so I write on hoping that this will put a smile on somebody’s face even as we remember what a great guy Zane was and how we will miss him so much…

It’s disconcerting to think that Mother Goose spent most of her vacation resting and picnicking in a cemetery. Although it was quiet and peaceful and a soft breeze wafted across the valley to cool our faces, still you have to wonder about a middle-aged couple hanging out in a cemetery. From our first afternoon in Spring Green until we pulled out of town on Sunday morning, the cemetery of the Unity Chapel was our “centering space”, the place we kept coming back around to for just another look. I know…a little morbid, right?

What can I say? I’m just a goose.

Unity Chapel was the place where Frank Lloyd Wright’s family worshiped the Lord through the ages.

The sun has set behind Taliesin, a shining brow on the hill.

Enter the gates of the cemetery.

Here rests one of Mr. Wright’s older relatives… and God bless America.

Jenkin Lloyd Jones was a Unitarian minister in the United States. He founded All Souls Unitarian Church in Chicago, Illinois, as well as its community outreach organization, the Abraham Lincoln Centre. Wikipedia

Some can’t enter the cemetery…

And some can’t get out!

Mother Goose wishes you well today. If you feel a sudden shudder, maybe it’s because a goose just walked over your grave.

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