Young Sons in Love

Many moons ago.

Twin sailor sons of Mother Goose.

Home for an extended leave of absence…

Reconnected with a couple of young ladies they knew in high school.


Twin sisters.

Mother Goose always prayed that this might happen…

Sparks flew.


Up to their necks in love.

Like life in a hot tub.


Amanda and Adam

Amanda and Adam

Shelby and Erik

Shelby and Erik

Perhaps happily ever after?

A Sort of Feathery Love Story

In days gone by, Mother Goose was known as quite a swinger.

(For my younger readers, a swinger is defined as a person who actively seeks excitement and moves with the latest trends or one who is being modern and lively.)

Modern. Lively. Trendy. Excitement. These are all buzzwords and keywords, perhaps even synonyms for Mother Goose.

Perhaps you would only consider me an old floozy now, but in my youth I was a pretty happenin’ gal.

Can we altogether say “Woot woot”?

Let me just tell you a short story — a Valentine’s Day story from the early 80’s. The 1980’s.

Once upon a time, Mother Goose worked at a marketing agency in the great city of Chicago. She had recently moved to the Windy City of Big Shoulders from northern Minnesota with her college diploma rolled up and tucked under her arm. She was a very proud young goose to have landed such a promising position in a growing business — I mean seriously! Talk about Mary Tyler Moore dancing in downtown Minneapolis — Mother Goose had found a nesting zone right at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive with an office overlooking the Chicago River and a receptionist with big 80’s hair. Mother Goose flew regularly to NYC, NY and LA, CA to visit her clients.

What an exciting life for a country girl!

Many of the young men in the office admired Mother Goose from afar — some of them even admired her right up close in her face, maybe just a little too up close in her face. Perhaps they had never seen a goose of her stature in the mad advertising world. Perhaps they wanted to look into her sky blue Land-of-1,000-Lakes eyes. Maybe she just smelled really good and they wanted to get a good sniff.

Whatever the reason or the season, Mother Goose was quite popular and never lacked for dates or dinners. So many suitors, so little time…

One day as she strolled briskly along the Avenue, she heard a voice calling out her name.

“Miss Goose! Miss Goose! Wait just a minute for me to catch up with you!”

Mother Goose turned around to see a young man with a bushy mustache running up behind her. She recognized him as one of the most handsome young art directors from the agency. She thought for a moment to remember his name…

“Mark? You are Mark, right? How nice to see you today! Isn’t it a lovely day? Are you on your lunch break?”

Out of good-natured Minnesota habit, Mother Goose smiled at him and noticed he was carrying a red rose. “How unusual,” she mused to herself. “Here we are out walking on our lunch hours, and this fine young man is carrying a lovely rose in his hand. I wonder who the lucky lady might be…”

Shy young Mark looked down at the sidewalk and said, “Miss Goose, I wonder if you’d like to join me for a lunch today. I’m heading over to Su Casa for some authentic Mexican cuisine, perhaps a small margarita. Will you come along? Please, Miss Goose?”

How could she resist his boyish charm? But still she wondered about the rose in his hand. Perhaps someone had given it to him? Maybe he had just found it on the street and didn’t want to see it run over by a speeding car. Surely it was for his mother…

And then the mustachioed Mark dropped down on one knee right there on the boulevard and handed the beautiful red rose to Mother Goose and said with much passion and emotion, “Miss Goose, may I just say that I have admired you from afar. But starting today, I would like to call you my very own goose. I shall be your gander, and we shall travel to all four corners of the world together. Please take this rose as a sign of my undying affection for you. And I shall remain forever yours. And by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Miss Goose.”

Well, what could I say? Of course, I said “yes” to lunch. And I said “yes” to many of his other questions and invitations after that one.

Nat and Mark 1983

Some of the details of this story have been modified due to the notoriously bad memory of the goose…

A Request from Mother Goose

Mother Goose is all aflap today to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If I could honk and whisper at the same time, I’d tell you that I love you, dear and gentle reader. I would shout it from the mountain tops and write it on a sandy beach. I would stomp my large webbed feet to a samba beat. We’d waltz off into the moonlight. I would nibble rich dark chocolates in your honor and sip bubbly champagne. The sky’s the limit — there are so many ways I would show my love for you. Little candy hearts, deep red roses, Elvis singing “Love Me Tender”.

So tender, so touching, so romantic.

By now, all of my precious readers have figured out the secret Joy of Mother Goose. It’s all about the Love. Mother Goose is loved by thousands, nay millions of fans worldwide. Adoring fans flock to my front gate just to catch a glimpse of the Goose.

Like Elvis, Mother Goose knows the burden of fame and fortune. There is no privacy when you are a famous Goose. My name has often been schmeared across the tabloid covers. Mr. Goose and I can never have an anonymous dinner out — the paparazzi are everywhere. I know that my dear readers love me and want to be near me. You want to touch my feathers and pat my cheek. You want to pretend that we are very close and that we know each other very well. You want to ask for my autograph and just a quick photo together to show to your friends. I understand about idols, I really do.

Please know that I love you too.

But just for this evening, please let Mother Goose and Mr. Mother Goose have a quiet dinner together without all the public adoration. Let it be your Valentine’s gift to me — please… I know it’s much to ask. Self-control and restraint in the presence of a famous goose is very difficult. Celebrities like Mother Goose are wonderful to behold up close. But if you really care, if your love is real for me, please grant me this one favor — admire Mother Goose from a distance. Just for today.

Alone at last...

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