Dusty Is Walking

My nephew, Dusty the Hero Dog, is recovering nicely from his recent calamity with the “too fast for the conditions” driver.

The brave little hero…

I was thinking this morning of the many accidental injuries and personal traumas that the children of Mother Goose have endured over the years. The broken bones and concussions, the horrifying gashes in their skin, the times when they became lost, the corrective surgeries and the trips to the ER.

Omigooseness, being a parent is the toughest job on the planet!

We need nerves of steel and faith of the saints to survive the trials and tribulations of our children. What mom or dad hasn’t shed vast volumes of tears for their injured child? What parent has not blamed themselves for their babies accidents? Even if we have been the most cautious and careful moms, the kids will certainly find ways to get hurt, won’t they?

Mother Goose knows this all too well.

Many of my readers have noticed my bony and calloused knees.

Omigooseness those knees are knobby!

They ask me, “Mother Goose, it seems that you might be a floor-scrubbing maid with knees like that?”

With my smile firmly in place, I tell them that I am a mother. And yes, I do occasionally scrub the kitchen floor but these knees have attained an attitude of knobbiness from spending time in prayer. Yes, Mother Goose prays for her children on her knees! There is no better way to reach the heights of heaven than by kneeling before God in the solitude of my prayer closet.

Every child and probably every pet needs our protection and our prayers.

Here’s a hip hip hooray for Dusty and his parents who are taking really good care of him and trusting God to keep him safe and well! They are a real blessing!

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