Mother Goose at Work

Recently, many of my loyal and curious readers have asked Mother Goose whether she has a regular job. I always answer with an emphatic honk, “Yes, I do!” and then they quickly scamper away. Of course, we all know that Mother Goose manages a very large family of multi-age children and adults. That would be classified as work, but not necessarily as a job. I’m assuming that job implies some sort of financial compensation for services or products rendered in which case my domestic responsibilities would not be included…

Perhaps you have read of the other enjoyable pastimes of Mother Goose. I am training for my 5K race on April 1st — this takes approximately three hours each week, walking around the neighborhoods of Oak Park. I’m quite sure that many of my dear readers are aware of my involvement in the Blue Star Banner campaign — a civic and patriotic volunteer opportunity to bring back the old tradition of hanging a service flag in your front window to indicate a family member in the military. Although these are all very nice and time-consuming, these are not the jobs of Mother Goose.

Or did you think that Mother Goose is somehow making a career of telling stories about people I know? I’m sorry to say that this is not the case…

Frantically working at the typewriter...

However, Mother Goose DOES have a job as a writer. I’m pleased as punch to report that I write little stories about events that take place in the suburban regions of Minneapolis and St. Paul. I also write little stories about construction projects in the same Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Does this come as a great surprise to my readers? Let’s just have a little chuckle about that….

My Minnesota stories all have a common thread, and you will perhaps fall off your chair laughing when I tell you what the common thread is….

Mother Goose writes about places that have outdoor portable sanitation stations. And yes, I do receive payment for my creative services as regards this topic. You see, Mother Goose knows how important these services are and Mother Goose has a passion for sharing the good news that port-a-potties are available practically anywhere you go in the metropolitan area of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

A very small, but portable sanitation station in our front yard.

I specialize in writing about athletic events such as marathons and other races, local art and craft shows, car shows, and village festivals. Wherever there’s a crowd, there’ll be a need for “necessary services”, and Mother Goose is here to write about that! I’m often astounded at the number of events happening “up north” — the folks in Minnesota know how to throw a good time!

Also, I truly enjoy writing about construction projects because that’s a sign that the economy is roaring full-steam ahead if building sites need portable sanitation stations. Even construction workers have a right to comfortable, clean care. My ever-rapidly beating heart goes out to them working in the cold weather in Minnesota — I want the world to know that there is a place for them to go, a place for them to be.

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