Mother Goose Returns the Children to the Zoo

With all the madness of returns and exchanges this past week, Mother Goose even returned her kids to the zoo.

Of course, I didn’t leave them there in exchange for zoo credit. I didn’t even trade them for different sized kids, or different colored kids. I like them just fine the way they are — they are my blessings!

However, we did go back, and it was exactly one week after the crazy wildlife visit to see the laser lights and dance under the moon.

(Maybe I forgot to mention that Mr. Mother Goose and I danced under the moonlight to Louis Armstrong’s song “Wonderful World” whilst the lasers flashed around us…)

Back to my story…

We had hoped to have a picnic lunch and maybe see some animals at this visit to the zoo. We easily accomplished the picnic lunch with temps soaring into the 50’s that day. Not so easy to find any animals….again.

We saw the polar bear pacing in his rocky habitat, back and forth on the edge of his swimming pool. He looked sad. It made me feel sad too. I thought of the melting polar ice caps and the bear’s cousins up north trying to catch their seal dinners… I felt guilty for enjoying the balmy January weather.

Maybe we should help him?

There were many children at the zoo that day besides the ones belonging to Mother Goose. They were noisy and obnoxious kids, howling and hooting like they had escaped from a gothic mental hospital. Maybe their mothers had brought them to the zoo to exchange them for Howler Monkeys.

We quickly made an escape down the Salt Creek Trail for some peace and quiet. Mother Goose loves to stroll through forested areas, especially places with water and waterfowl.

Still. Calm. Peaceful.

We were blessed to see a Trumpeter Swan out in the middle of the lake.

So quiet you could hear a pinfeather drop.

And, lo and behold, a random dino out in the woods!

Lo and behold!

The kids took a few rides at the zoo. It was nearly like a carnival with so many interesting rides to choose from. But not very many animals…

Please try not to smile...

We found many interesting signs about animals and nature and birds. But, we didn’t come to the zoo to read signs.

“Most of American life consists of driving somewhere and then returning home, wondering why the hell you went.” John Updike

Why did we even come to the zoo?

Were we really looking at the animals?

What were we really looking for at the zoo?

Why was this revisitation so important to us?

Could returning to the zoo bring back the wonderful memories of the week before when our whole family was together in a magical and unforgettable zoo adventure?

Was it possible to travel back in time if we returned to the exact same location and wished for it with all our hearts?

If we get very quiet and close our eyes, maybe…

Finally, Mother Goose has proclaimed this a day of blessing! Hug your babies and your honeys! Dance under the moonlight! Be still and know that God loves you just the way you are — no returns, no exchanges! He threw away the receipts, and He’s planning to keep you no matter what.

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