The King of the Accordion

Mother Goose must update you on our favorite accordion player, Mr. Jerry King!

Jerry King with Mother Goose

Jerry King with Mother Goose

Jerry is now playing love songs, show tunes and Broadway hits on his accordion on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at Caffe deLuca in downtown Forest Park. I tell you, he can play ANYTHING! Mr. Goose and I have been trying to stump him with songs from the Golden Days of radio and swing — but Jerry plays EVERY SINGLE SONG we request. He knows them all!

Even this OLD and obscure but lovely song that Mother Goose remembers hearing Mom, Grandma and Uncle Fred play on the piano throughout her childhood:

All good stuff.

But the best news of all is this:

Mother Goose presented Jerry King with a copy of original music written by Uncle Fred. The next time we go to see Jerry, he will play the beautiful love song, “Eleanor”. Many of my most loyal and astute readers will recall that Uncle Fred was a genius composer and painter in his time, never recognized for his work, but much beloved by his family and friends. You can go here and read about him.

Grab your French beret, friends, and visit the website of Jerry King to hear some samples of his music. Oh, and did I mention that WBEZ, Chicago’s public radio aired a special about Jerry and his music last February?

Mother Gooses Connects the Dots

These past few days have seen Mother Goose flying from store to store in search of the best back-to-school deals and values. From the rising of the sun ’til the setting of the same, she has been overly occupied with the process of returning some of her children to their various classrooms and preparing some for the GREAT launch out of the nest and into collegehood. There was much packing and organizing of stuff.


Our family enjoyed many fond farewell dinners and meals including an unexpected time at Mancini’s, a treasure of a restaurant at 1111 Lake Street in Oak Park.

Ben (wearing red), Eric (wearing maroon) and Jessi (next to Eric) are all college bound this fall.  Please note the accordionist in the background.

Ben (wearing red), Eric (wearing maroon) and Jessi (next to Eric) are all college bound this fall. Please note the accordionist in the background.

The man playing the accordion is Jerry King who has been playing professionally since he was 13 years old. Here’s the link to his website, and be sure to click on the songs he’s put out for us to sample. His virtuoso style of playing will make you smile and dream of faraway places…

And now for the connection:

As we were chatting with Jerry in between songs, he revealed to us that he used to play regularly at La Creperie in the city. My most loyal readers will surely recall the last visit that we made to that wonderfully shabby genteel French bistro in the city, as well as the sad news that the owners’ son had passed away the day before we were there.

Our new friend, Jerry, has been very dear friends with our French friend, Germain, for a long, long time. In fact, when Jerry played at La Creperie on Thursday evenings through the eighties and nineties, Germain would play his trumpet. If only Mother Goose could hear that duet…

But sadly, this is the day that La Creperie will close its doors for the very last time, and Jerry told us that Germain will be moving to California to be close to his son’s widow and children…

The Chicago Tribune even ran a story about the restaurant and the heartwrenching story of Germain Roignant…

Au revoir!  We will miss you, friend.

Au revoir! We will miss you, friend.

So, the goslings have flown off to college, Germain is flying off to California, Jerry will be playing his amazing accordion music at Mancini’s on Tuesdays and Mother Goose is off connecting the dots to another great adventure… Au revoir!

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