Cabin Fever Strikes the Relatives!

Mother Goose has such a great family up nort’ der in nordern Minnesoda. I love my sister and Allen (her lifelong domestic partner) so very much — I miss them terribly because they live so far away from me. And when I see pictures like these, I get a little worried. Maybe the long, long Minnesoda winter has deeply affected them.

Did she forget to bring her Life Alert?

Of course, it’s just cabin fever. And the temperatures have been so mild this week — who can blame them for wanting to get outside. Getting out of the cabin is the sure-fire cure for cabin fever.

Shorts and mukluks -- Minnesoda stylin' in January

Mother Goose is all in favor of sniffing the fresh air and stretching one’s legs a little bit. But I’m just a little concerned about their sense of fashion…

A casual day for Allen.

After all, as we all know, Mother Goose is all about style.

It's all about the pose...

This sense of style and photographic charm seems to run in the family. Here’s the father and mother of Mother Goose posing by trees!

The Father of Mother Goose

Mom having fun with the trees.

Cabin fever and the relatives up north — blessings? You betcha…

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