Fish Tank Fail

The most faithful followers of Mother Goose will recall the problems of last week — especially the case where she inadvertently put the doggy eye drops into the eyes of the youngest daughter causing her pupils to dilate to enormous proportion and remain in that condition for six days…

Today Mother Goose attempted to clean the family fish tank. Sadly, there were casualties…

Over the course of months, the fish tank of the Goose family acquires its share of algae and green slime. Then it’s time for Mother Goose to roll up her sleeves and do some serious housekeeping on behalf of the fish pets. These pictures could speak for themselves, but I will add some humorous comments just to keep you amused….until the very end.

The fish appear happy, but Mother Goose is concerned about the content on the bottom of the fish tank.

I transferred the fishes to this pitcher for safe-keeping. They look OK.

I bailed gallons and gallons of water out of the fishless tank.

The family bathtub is a great place for washing slimy fish tanks… and I tossed out the icky rocks.

Think anyone would notice if I forgot to clean the bathtub after cleaning the fish tank?

I discarded the disgusting and dirty old filter…

Replacing the water filter is very important — I handily installed a fresh one.

The tank is so clean, you could probably eat off of it.

It takes a lot of pots and pans to refill the fish tank.

All clean and shiny! Simply add fishies.

And suddenly four fishies were lying on the bottom of the fish tank! Oh no, Mother Goose! Did you add the water conditioner to the water to neutralize the chlorine in the tap water before you added the fish? Oh no….

Fish tank FAIL. Yes, I was so happy and excited and honking and flapping about the clean fish tank, and busily recording the event on my camera for my dear and gentle readers that I forgot to un-poison their water. I poured them into the fish tank, they took a great big gulp of their new fully-chlorinated pool, and several of the fishes immediately keeled over and sunk like rocks to the bottom of their deadly home.

And now, it’s off to the pet store where I will choose some new fish, some hearty fish, some fresh fish and some alive fish.

Until next time, this is Mother Goose signing off — with head hung low, and dragging her rubbery feet in frustration…

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