The King of the Accordion

Mother Goose must update you on our favorite accordion player, Mr. Jerry King!

Jerry King with Mother Goose

Jerry King with Mother Goose

Jerry is now playing love songs, show tunes and Broadway hits on his accordion on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at Caffe deLuca in downtown Forest Park. I tell you, he can play ANYTHING! Mr. Goose and I have been trying to stump him with songs from the Golden Days of radio and swing — but Jerry plays EVERY SINGLE SONG we request. He knows them all!

Even this OLD and obscure but lovely song that Mother Goose remembers hearing Mom, Grandma and Uncle Fred play on the piano throughout her childhood:

All good stuff.

But the best news of all is this:

Mother Goose presented Jerry King with a copy of original music written by Uncle Fred. The next time we go to see Jerry, he will play the beautiful love song, “Eleanor”. Many of my most loyal and astute readers will recall that Uncle Fred was a genius composer and painter in his time, never recognized for his work, but much beloved by his family and friends. You can go here and read about him.

Grab your French beret, friends, and visit the website of Jerry King to hear some samples of his music. Oh, and did I mention that WBEZ, Chicago’s public radio aired a special about Jerry and his music last February?

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