Most Colorful Bluebird

At the Morton Arboretum (a few miles west of us), they keep bluebird houses in the meadows. Every spring, the bluebirds return and stake their claims to the homesteads, find their partners, and raise families. It’s a very special joy to watch them and hear their songs.

They are very pretty, very sweet and very colorful. They work diligently and are candidly passionate about love and serving others in the nest. It’s a big job to be a parent bluebird!

And here’s another special Bluebird!

Campfire Girls and Bluebird Camp 1967

Blue Birds were the junior organization to the Camp Fire Girls and were part of the program from the early days. The age a girl could join Blue Birds changed over the years, but the motto remained the same – Sing, Grow, Help!

Going to camp for a whole week was a very big deal for this Bluebird! I was only eight or nine, and had never been away from home before. Granted the camp was only ten miles from home, but to this little Bluebird, a very daunting adventure. Of course, it turned out to be the best time ever because my dearest friend, Jane Elizabeth Johnson, was also at camp. We learned a lot of crafts with popsicle sticks and how to braid plastic strips into belts. We swam and marched out to the flagpost every morning, ate our first cafeteria food and hoped that our moms would write to us everyday.

And then there was a special parade and everybody was in the parade with weird crafty costumes. How in the world did I get chosen as the most colorful? I honestly don’t know, but omigosh how cute with the little leprechaun hat and all the feathers. I just remember that it was the best time of my life. I’m thinking that Mother Goose is still a Bluebird in her heart.

Bee blessed tonight. Love, Natalie

The very important Bluebird Handbook.

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