Up the Avenues and Down (Part Two)

A Gold Star Banner in the window stopped me dead in my tracks.
The family of Army Sgt. Joshua W. Harris never forgot his face
Killed in action September 17, 2008 in Gerdia Seria, Afghanistan
His vehicle encountered an improvised explosive device
Only twenty one years old, so young, so brave
So gone … along with three others

Another time, another place, another IED
Hearts and lives and families ripped to shreds
Boston Marathon on Patriot’s Day 2013
A day to celebrate those who fought for America’s freedom
A day to remember those who have died in the name of freedom
Can justice run up the avenues and down?

red stuff of life ended

Remember those whom we have lost to the ages.

Up the Avenues and Down (Part One)

With great gusto, I begun to run, ’til my shins, heart and lungs gave out
Huffing and puffing, I told myself “We’ll just walk now” and did that
Better to see the homes, the birds, the flowers, the budding trees, yes
All of that running, people miss out on the best things in life, don’t they?

With great gusto, I strolled and listened and looked around at the sights
My silver head pivoting around and around, not to miss a single thing
Like a bobble head toy, nodding and glancing, ever moving along and
Up the avenues and down, discovering daffodils, robins, worms

green stuff of new life

green stuff of life

green stuff of new life

(This was written the morning of the Boston Marathon, before the tragedy.)

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