A Grateful Goose

Today Mother Goose wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving — a beautifully loving day with your family and friends. Whatever else you are doing today, I wish you hugs, laughter and love.

I am a thankful old goose. I have much to be thankful for — each year I have more and more reason to say “thanks”. Indeed, everyday should be a grateful day. If we wake up with air in our lungs, we can say “thank you” to the Lord, to your God whoever you worship, or if you like to thank the universe for oxygen, that’s all good too.

My dear and special readers, thank you for returning often to this place. I do try to make you smile. Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comments and general remarks…

Thanks to my girlfriends who buy me chai teas and dinners and lunches and nice gifts. Thank you for calling me and texting me and driving all the way to Oak Park to visit me.

To my precious family up north, I love you and wish we could spend everyday together. I wish I lived next door to you all.

And I’m so very thankful to my children who hug me and take care of me and make me laugh and smile. You are such GREAT kiddos, all of you.

A special thanks to Adam and Erik for being so brave and joining the Navy and protecting us all. Sometimes your work is tedious, and the night watches and patrols seems endless, but I am just bursting with pride for you and inspired by your sacrifice. You could be doing anything, but you chose to do your time for Uncle Sam.

Thanks to my dear husband goose who has allowed me to explore who I am as a writer instead of pushing me to work full-time. Thank you for working hard and supporting our family.

Thanks to my supervisor at the “mystery shopping” center who has been kind enough to hire a silly goose.

Thank you, Jesus, for walking along with me on my life journey, and giving me strength when I was weak. Thank you for your grace which is everything!

I am finding it easier to say “thanks” for hard times. I really am learning to trust Him more when I don’t understand, when I can’t fix it myself, when things and life are out of my control but never out of His. I know that He’s not finished with me yet, I’m a work in progress that He’ll never give up on — and for that I can say “thanks”.

Happy Thanksgiving with love from Mother Goose.

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