The Heartfelt Plea of a Goose

This past month you may have read some of Mother Goose’s stories about sponsoring children through a great organization, Compassion International. A few thousand of us who sponsor these kiddos have been celebrating Blog Month and spreading the good news that sponsoring a child somewhere around the world can release them from the cruel bonds of poverty and open their precious hearts and minds to the potential that is within them. By writing letters and committing a tiny portion of our incomes to these little ones, the world brightens and hope returns and the love of Christ goes abroad into their hearts and the hearts of their families.

Our final assignment for this month-long event is to write a letter from the point of view of one of these sponsored children. Please enjoy this bit of sweetness with your toast and tea this morning:

“Greetings in the Jesus name from your sponsored girl in India! This is Benny K. and I want to say “thank you” to you, my auntie in the U.S. for believing in me. I remember when my father died two years ago, my mother and I cried for days and days because we didn’t know how we would be able to survive without his love and protection.

In my country, women and children, especially little girl children, are not very important to the society. In fact, many families quietly let little girl babies die because they have very little value and they cannot afford a dowry to give to their future husbands. It is a sad thing to be widowed and alone in the world.

Thankfully, my mother has great skill as a tailor. She sews pretty garments for our neighbors and community, and people are very glad to pay her for her work. But it is difficult work. She often gets shocks from the electric sewing machine. Yet, my mother is kind and loving to me, and also my grandmother.

Now that I am a part of the Compassion project, I receive meals and medical care at the center. They teach me many things about God and His great love. I am also learning in my school and I try very hard to get good grades in my classes. I have many friends and we play together with our dolls and also soccer when we are at the program center. I know that my mother and grandmother love me, but I also know that God loves me and that you love me too.

I have hope and happiness about my future.

Thank you very much for your letters and pictures. Thank you for your prayers for me and my family. Please remember that I am also praying for you everyday.

By Benny K. your kid in India”

Mother Goose has a heart full of faith that many children around the world are going to be blessed by the generous and loving readers of this blog. May your world be full of sunshine and love today.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Roberta
    Sep 28, 2012 @ 12:52:52

    Compassion is a huge blessing for all..the children and those of us that sponsor. What a lovely letter!


  2. Natalie
    Sep 29, 2012 @ 12:53:47

    Thank you, Roberta! I cannot express more sincerely how thankful these kids are for the little bit of love that we share across the world to them. 😀


  3. Three Well Beings
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 01:01:11

    My heart and support has been dedicated to an orphanage in Haiti.I got connected through a local woman who was heavily invested in Haiti when the earthquake came and jeopardized all the work that had been done on behalf of the orphanage and a connected school. This past week one of the students I work with returned from a medical missions trip to India and shared some more simply heart wrenching stories. Children all over the world need our love and support. Don’t you just want to bring them “all” home to care for them? It’s easier to be a little blind to the needs until you see a specific child and learn their names! I do hope that other children, like Benni, will gain sponsors through Compassion’s effort and this past month of sharing stories! Debra


    • Natalie
      Sep 30, 2012 @ 09:11:01

      Dear Debra, thank you from my heart for sharing your own stories of loving and caring for children around the world. It is a big planet with many problems, but I believe that loving the children one at a time brings hope to others. Blessings all over your day today! 😀


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