Mother Goose Writes a Letter to God

Dear God,

Can you hear me now? Are you there?

I know you’re there, of course. You promised that you’d always be there. You’re always with me, and you know my thoughts before they come out of my mouth or across my laptop screen. Our connection is so much more secure and reliable than my cell phone or my internet.

So, yes, you’re there.

But do you care?

You say you care. The Bible says all over the place that you love me, yes even me…

But, God, don’t you care about children around the world who don’t even have their basic needs of life met on a regular basis? What about kids who don’t have clean water, or nutritious meals or opportunities for education? What about little kids who live on the dumps of Ecuador or in the slums of Mumbai or on the hungry plains of Uganda?

God, don’t you care?

Yes, I know you care. You care a whole lot more than I do. You watch over the little ones day and night — you never leave their side. No matter what they have to endure in their worlds, You are always caring for them and protecting them.

Each child born into this world is a new bundle of hope. Babies and children are symbols to the world that life is going on — that love and genetics have produced another spark of miracle life once again — hope endures for another generation.

But the grind of poverty in a child’s life can extinguish that bit of hope.

Poverty tells a child that they are not important — not to anyone in this world and not to You, God.

Poverty lies to these precious and impressionable children, telling them that they are just another mouth to feed.

Poverty deceives these little ones into thinking that they are no better than the dirty dress they wear or the broken shoe on their filthy foot.

God, I know that I cannot erase poverty in this world. I’m just a goose — how can I change the world? This world is riddled with crime and disease and evil and poverty. God, the problems of this world are simply too complex for me to fix. I can’t make it all go away, and I’m sure you don’t expect me to try, do you?

Nope, you don’t, right?

Right, God?


You can click here to see other kiddos who need a sponsor. (Or you can just go check your email now or click over to some other website, and forget all about their poor faces and their poor places…)

But Mother Goose knows that she can make a difference. I have discovered first-hand, or first-wing, that sponsoring a child with Compassion International can change THEIR world. Suddenly, somebody outside their immediate family thinks that they are special! Suddenly, they matter! Suddenly, they have an importance!

And here is the bottom line: they didn’t have to do a thing to earn it. It’s all grace (oops, just like our salvation!). There’s nothing they can do to win it, deserve it or improve on it. It’s just a love-gift to a needy little person.

When they get a sponsor, their future immediately changes. My little girl in India actually jumped up and down when I sent her a picture of my daughter, AnnaRose. Now that little bit of hope within the heart of every child gets a little puff of love and blazes into real anticipation and expectation of good things.

Faith grows within the heart of a sponsored child. Mother Goose knows, because she’s seen it happen in the lives of three Compassion children already.

Oh, and God, are you still there? Could you please help the children that I personally hatched from eggs to get along with each other today? Thank you for loving them and me…

11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bunn
    Sep 12, 2012 @ 14:02:45

    Aaahhhh such a good cause.


  2. Three Well Beings
    Sep 12, 2012 @ 17:44:39

    It’s always a good reminder from a Goose…God does a fair amount of reminding, too, but we do have to listen. It’s clear that you already know that! Your little girl is really precious. Debra


  3. April B.
    Sep 12, 2012 @ 17:44:57

    Sponsorship will make a real difference in Olga’s life and so will it other children’s lives. Nothing is more rewarding!


  4. Dianna
    Sep 12, 2012 @ 19:47:49

    Inspiring post, Natalie. It’s my belief that we aren’t meant to understand why there’s so much sadness and hardship in this world. Those of us of faith KNOW it isn’t because God doesn’t care. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these little ones.


  5. Teresa Dawn
    Sep 12, 2012 @ 22:01:02

    Wow, what a surprise reading this lovely prayer letter to God and then seeing my own beautiful Olga! That means so much to me and I know God will help my Olga (THere’s a reason why he so suddenly and clearly wanted me to sponsor her I am sure) and the other Compassion children as well. Thank-you for this beautiful post! I know this prayer is for all the children, but it is still very special to see her here and I will write to her that others have been praying for her too, if you don’t mind 🙂


  6. Natalie
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 10:17:10

    Kale, thank you for your truthful words and your kind, thankful heart. Blessings all over you today… 😀


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