Mother Goose Launches Her Eldest

Earlier this summer, the eldest gosling of Mother Goose graduated from college with honors. She’s got a really nice part-time job as a server in a cute little vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free restaurant in Oak Park. She’s been busy sending out resumes and applying for full-time positions here, there and everywhere. Mother Goose is exceedingly proud of her!

And yet, the media often talks about the young people today who “fail to launch” — they’ve got their degrees, their part-time jobs, their same old bedrooms at Mom and Dad’s house, with very little sign that they are moving on into the next phase of adulthood. They haven’t quite launched out of the nest and on to their own lives and homes.

Today Mother Goose was flapping very excitedly as she imagined the launch of her own daughter. She was so nervous and flabbergasted that she turned on her video camera accidentally and didn’t realize that she was actually filming. Please stifle your giggles as you watch this short video clip:

The vague reference to carbiners is just that…vague. It’s just one of those things that mothers and daughters often talk about, but with no real application to real life.

Silly Mother Goose to practice the filming of the launch…

And then Jessi jumped onto the bike which once belonged to the mother of Mother Goose and off she flew into the great unknown. Please pass the Kleenex…

There she goes…

Congratulations, Mother Goose, for this successful launch. Of course, she’s just going off to work, and she’ll be home in five hours. But still a great projection into the future!

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