Mother Goose Rocks the Expo Tent

Mother Goose had the great joy and privilege of attending the 7th Annual Rockin’ for the Troops festival yesterday at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL. This family-friendly event is the primary fundraiser for Operation Support our Troops — America, a great patriotic organization that has been packing boxes of supplies and goodies and sending them overseas to our men and women in harm’s way. Headlining the concert was Gary Sinise’s Lt. Dan Band. WOW!

You are probably thinking that Mother Goose spent the day with Gary. Perhaps you are wondering if I was on the stage singing with the Lt. Dan Band. Maybe you’d like to see a picture of Mother Goose dancing with Mr. Sinise…

Well, I’m sorry to report I don’t have any pictures of any of those circumstances.

But it was still a rockin’ good time!

We arrived at the park early on in the hot sunny day as representatives of Blue Star Banners. We were ushered into the Expo Tent with our boxes of supplies and our brochures and our banners and our balloons and our basket of candies. We quickly set up our exhibit — concert goers and curious tent crawlers were already milling around to see what sort of goodies might be available for free.

Just a little background on the Blue Star Banner…originally designed and implemented during WWI and seen in windows ever since, the service flag has a blue star on a field of white to symbolize a member of the family serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. Mother Goose, of course, has a banner with two blue stars representing her sons, Adam and Erik, who serve in the U.S. Navy. I have a deep burning desire to see these banners displayed in the windows of homes across our communities and nation.

Sometimes we Americans forget that we are at war and that our precious sons and daughters, our brave husbands and wives are making sacrifices each and everyday around the globe to protect our freedom here. Hence, the banner in the window serves as a reminder to the neighborhood that freedom is never free. In our society, military families are often invisible until there is a tragedy in the news. The Blue Star Banner gives recognition to military families because they deserve to be known for their daily sacrifice, and hopefully never need to replace a blue star with a gold star, the ultimate sacrifice.

So here are some photos of your friend, Mother Goose, honking and flapping about Blue Star Banners at the Expo Tent at Rockin’ for the Troops!

How wonderful that our exhibit table was right next to the industrial fan! I didn’t mind at all…

How much patriotism can one goose display?

I met so many nice folks and chatted happily about banners until I was hoarse. America is filled with GREAT people, and I think I met most of them at the Expo Tent.

I made many new friends, and got face-to-face greetings and hugs from many people I have only known from afar ala facebook and email. By the way, have you been to the Blue Star Banner page on Facebook? It’s a really neat virtual place to see banners hanging in the windows AND faces of the men and women we call our Heroes. Please click on the little box over there on the right and you’ll end up in Blue Star Banner land. You can even “like” us if you’re feelin’ it…

Mother Goose wants to tell you all about the concert itself, but let’s just stop here for now.

I learned last night that one of the servicemen who was tragically killed in Aurora on Friday was a local sailor. Please bow your heads today and pray for the family and friends of Petty Officer John T. Larimer of Crystal Lake, Illinois. This is a sad time for America — please be kind to the people in your circles today. Love, Mother Goose


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  1. Dianna
    Jul 22, 2012 @ 15:30:47

    You are one patriotic goose for sure! It is so wonderful that you’re bringing the Blue Star Banners program to light. I’m sure many folks are not familiar with it! Such tragic news from Colorado; our thoughts and prayers for those who are hurting.


  2. Three Well Beings
    Jul 25, 2012 @ 19:13:21

    Oh my, Natalie, another one close to you…even if just geographically. I’m so sorry. I agree with you that we tend to “forget” we are at war…and that, to me, is incredible. I was under the impression that the Blue Star Banners are only for military families…is that correct? If it is for those of us who care, I’d be very interested in being more actively supportive??? Debra


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