Happy Birthday Brother Goose

Today my dear brother celebrates fifty one journeys around the sun! It’s a little odd that even though I was the first born in our family, I always think of him as the oldest in our family. [a little sisterly tease there…]

My brother (his name is Dana) is AWESOME! He does all these cool things that I just wish I could do. Sit back, relax, sip your Canadian whiskey whilst Mother Goose tells you the story of Dana Frame.

Once upon a time, there was a young man who liked to draw cars, but not just ordinary cars. Dana liked to draw really radical cars and trucks with big pipes and engines sticking out of the hood. He liked to draw huge monstrosity trucks and cars with gigantic tires and flames shooting out of their tailpipes.

As he grew older, he dreamed that someday he might actually OWN a truck like those he used to draw. And he grew older. And he grew even older. And older…

Dana wanted to drive cars very badly. He could not wait until he turned sixteen so that he could get his driver’s license. So he didn’t…wait. One dark night, our parents were not home. Dana and his friend Jeffrey borrowed the car without asking permission of mom and dad. He did not have his driver’s license. They “borrowed” the car and went driving around. Finally they decided it was time to head for home. Dana came up over a hill and somehow lost control of the vehicle, sending them plunging into the ditch. Unable to retrieve the car from its awkward position off the road, Dana decided the best and only option for them was to make this look like a crime scene.

“Yeah! Great idea,” Jeff responded enthusiastically.

They proceeded to tear all the electrical wiring out from under the steering wheel and under the hood, making it look as though the car had been stolen and then vandalized by the thieves.

Then they quickly walked to their respective homes and crawled under their covers.

Imagine the shocked look on Dana’s face the next morning when Dad asked him where the car was! “I don’t know,” he sleepily replied. “Probably someone stole it last night…” He rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. But you know how it is when we have guilt in our hearts. Dana couldn’t rest. His mind was very troubled.

He heard Dad on the phone talking to the police, reporting his stolen car. And it didn’t take long at all for the authorities to find the missing vehicle, lodged in the ditch down the road. Hmmmm….

For some reason, nobody fell for the “stolen car” story and Dana had to confess his mischief. But as Mother Goose remembers it, he didn’t even get into any trouble! Mom and Dad just said, “Well, that’s how young boys are…” and they got the car fixed. He wasn’t grounded or fined or required to make any type of reparation for this stunt! Mother Goose, on the other hand, was continuously grounded between the ages of 13 and 18, and for much smaller altercations…

But, of course, Dana has always been the favorite child…and my sister, Leslie, has also been the favorite child as she is the baby of the family. He’s always been the smartest — she, the cutest. He’s the only son, and she’s obviously the most fun daughter.

Oh, but I do digress…

Anyway, Dana did grow up to be a fine young man. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a major degree in Forestry — following in the footsteps of our father and grandfather. He was immediately hired by the state and has made quite a fine career for himself in his field. Just recently he received a very nice promotion to Area Forestry Supervisor and can call himself the boss.

Dana married his high school sweetheart! Linda (or Loon as she is most commonly called) and Dana are living happily ever after out in the country in northern Minnesota — married for more than twenty-five years now! They have a young pup named Harley who is an English mastiff — just a small 150 pound fellow with large soulful eyes and stringy drool.

Harley Windsor of Sturgeon

Dana is a fine fisherman — he’s out catching crappies today to celebrate his birthday — and also a great hunter. He provides venison for the whole family every year.

But I hear you asking, “What about his dream to own a large and loud truck?” Here’s the answer to that:

Points champion, Northern Minnesota Mud Racing Association 2011, Dana Frame. The handsome guy on the right!

He’s definitely the winner! Look at all that bling!

Dana grew up to be a mighty mud racer! His expertise in building and racing cars and trucks has brought him to the forefront of northern Minnesota mudracing circles. The Winners’ Circles.

The following video, however, is quite disturbing. Mother Goose has chosen to include it in this birthday post only to illustrate the danger of my brother’s chosen hobby, but be forewarned, this video is not for the faint at heart. Also, please keep in mind that nobody died in this terrifying crash. You might want to take another sip of your Canadian at this point…

A huge thanks to my sissy for filming and posting that video for us. Loon doesn’t drive quite so often at the races as she used to, but that’s OK. She’s definitely made a name for herself in northern Minnesota mudrunning.

And a very HUGE happy birthday to my dear brother goose — wish we could celebrate together, but hopefully this fun little story from Mother Goose has been entertainment for you! [hugs and kisses]


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bunn
    May 09, 2012 @ 10:26:32

    Great post about Brother Goose!!


  2. Dianna
    May 09, 2012 @ 15:13:27

    Oh, my goodness! (Or gooseness) That was quite a roll! Glad no one was hurt. Happy Birthday, Brother Goose!


  3. Three Well Beings
    May 10, 2012 @ 00:27:57

    Thank you for the heads-up that no one was killed in that roll! Were you there to witness it? I’d have fainted! Another handsome guy in the family, Natalie! I hope Brother Goose appreciates your sense of humor! Debra


    • Natalie
      May 10, 2012 @ 06:13:21

      I was not there, but in the original footage, you can hear my mom screaming and crying. It’s awful. I think that’s why my sister put the heavy metal music over the audio — to cover up all the real horror. There’s those minutes when you just don’t know if the driver is OK or not. Those minutes seem like hours. Just watching it the video is gut-wrenching for this goose.


  4. eof737
    May 10, 2012 @ 16:06:14

    Happy Birthday to your brother! 🙂


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