Uncle Fred Paints the Goose

The photographic childhood of Mother Goose was extraordinary! I was (and still am!) the oldest of three beautiful children. Mom made all three of us look good for the camera — she taught us how to pose and how to reveal our best side by looking off into the distance. She was in favor of BIG smiles — always show as much emotion as your face can handle. Because I was the first child (and the first granddaughter) there are thousands of pictures of me. There are fewer pictures of my brother. And here’s the only know existing picture of my dear sissy.

Could she possibly look any cuter?

My brother grew up to be a very big, kind, and gentle man. But he used to be just a tator tot.

Another perfect pose.

And then here’s Mother Goose, of course, to complete the fine photographic session.

Maybe you notice the scab on my forehead.

All three children wonderfully composed and captured on film for generations to behold and enjoy. How sweet!

But…..only the portrait of Mother Goose was actually painted (oil on canvas, no less) by our grandfather whose name was Uncle Fred.

Miraculously the scab has disappeared!

Uncle Fred contended that he was too young to be a grandfather. Thus the name Uncle Fred. He was a professional painter, but seldom did portraits. He specialized in landscapes and wildlife scenes. But he painted Mother Goose because I was the oldest — not necessarily the cutest nor the prettiest, nor the most charming just the oldest. And I still am.

More about Uncle Fred tomorrow! Please come back! He’s a WWII hero!

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