No More Mrs. Nice Goose

At the home of Mother Goose, there’s been recent discussion about whether being light and funny and optimistic is always a good thing. There’s been some talk that laughing in the morning over coffee is actually “rowdy”, and maybe we need to settle down. Mother Goose has been accused of being too helpful, too happy and perhaps a teensy weensy bit on the Pollyanna side. Too much hopefulness. Too much of this smiley stuff. Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. In days gone by, Mother Goose was even criticized for loving her family too much.

So let’s just let go of all that joy and fun right here and now.

Mother Goose is going to the Dark Side.

Bad Goose

No more Mrs. Nice Goose. No more Mother Goose Smiles. No more “Bee a blessing.” We’re going to explore what it means to be a bad egg. I’m getting my tail feathers in a bunch right now. No more honking for joy or flapping for fun. From now on, it’s going to be just one bad “Honnnnnnnnk.” Period.

Messed up Goose

Why should a goose be hopeful at all? What’s to be gained by spreading sunshine? What is there to smile about anyway when you’re a goose? We all know the eventual outcome of being a goose — the goose is cooked.

This goose is cooked.

Consider this quote: “When the goose honks high, fair weather; when the goose honks low, foul weather.”

No more honking high for this old goose — fair weather gives way to foul. Or shall we say “fowl” because after all sometimes a good goose can go bad.

I’m doing the “Dark Dance” — getting on my industrial and heading out into a black night.

Go Ahead. Blame it on The Goose.

No more silliness. No more giggly. No more cutesie patoosie. This Goose is going down.

Taking the goose down...

OK. I feel better now. Sometimes Mother Goose just has to vent…

Important Stats for a Goose

  • 79,781 honks to date

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