If Only Fran Could Speak…

Fran is the Best Dog Ever. There are many good dogs, and perhaps you yourself have a really good dog. But we are quite sure that Fran takes the cake when it comes to dogs. For ten years, she’s been our loyal friend — such a good listener is she! She enjoys eating and sleeping, but gets totally excited when we offer to take her on a walkie around the blockie. Or go on a car ride. We have no complaints about Fran….except that she can’t speak.

"I must guard the punkin stuff for Mom."

Well, sure she does the usual dog trick of barking when she hears the command “Speak!”. Any old dog can do that trick. But she can’t really speak to us. If only she could… We have taught her to say a few words in English, and she tries so hard to say them when we ask, especially if we have a treat or a dog cookie in our hand. She can say “hello” and “Mama” much better than those weird dogs on YouTube, and sometimes she will put them together and say “Hello Mama” which, of course, is the cutest thing ever! She became so accomplished with those two words that we decided to raise the bar a bit, and requested her to say “chicken pot pie”. And yes, dear gentle reader, Fran can say “chicken pot pie”. But not very often…

"I don't mind when AnnaRose jumps on my head."

However, these are all just tricks that she does in order to reap the rewards and benefits of obedience. We would like to have dialogue with Fran, mind-bending discussions and insightful conversations. We want to know what she really things about squirrels! (By the way, have you seen the wonderful Disney movie “UP”? If you have an interest in dog communication, you will love “UP”.) We’d love to hear what she has to say about Olivia from Bolivia. We think she might have an important opinion about natural dog food vs. Purina. I know she’d tell us what her life was like before we adopted her from the animal shelter.

"Mom, my ear hurts really bad. Will you take me to the doctor?"

"I know I look silly, but Mom says I'll feel better real soon."

If only Fran could speak… I know she would tell me when I was looking tired and suggest I take a nap with her. I know that she would share a sincere compliment when I dressed up and put on a little make-up. I know she would say “thanks” for the meals and the bits of lunchmeat and for saving her a bit of ice cream in the bottom of the bowl. There would never be even a hint of sarcasm in her conversations, only honest and genuine communication.

"Yes, I'm ready to go for a walkie around the blockie."

Alas, we must be content with her facial expressions and body language to determine her many precious thoughts. But I suspect that when we all get to heaven, God will have all the pets talking to us and to each other. That’s just how much He love us.

"Mom, I just love you so much. I adore you, Mom."

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