My Precious Annet Kagoya

Ten years ago last February I began a relationship that has blessed me in so many ways. Through Compassion International, a well-trusted child sponsorship organization, I was introduced to Annet Kagoya. Here’s the first picture I ever had of her:

Over the years, I received many letters from her and quickly grew to love her with all my heart. For years and years, she started out her letters the same way, “Much greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.” Very appropriate, very formal. But for the last two years, her letters began differently, “Receive much greetings from your beloved daughter in Uganda.”

She always thanked me for sponsoring her and for praying for her. I saved every single letter she wrote and also every single photograph of her. I sent her pictures of our family, as well as newsy, encouraging letters. We were as close as two people on opposite sides of the planet could be, communicating the old-fashioned way several times a year. Annet was very joyful for me when I gave birth to my sixth baby, AnnaRose, and frequently asked about her in letters and assured me that she was praying for AnnaRose.

She was very interested in helping people and planned to study nursing. And she did. Besides providing medical care and Christ-centered education, Compassion International has a very good program to help young adults learn career skills. Annet finished the Compassion program and left her village to find employment. I have heard from the organization that she is working at a pharmacy and has a little baby now. I would love to receive another letter from her, but don’t know if I will.

Here is my favorite recent picture of my beloved daughter in Uganda:

I just love her dress and her self-confident smile in that picture. I am very thankful for her love and prayers over these last ten years. Every time the mailman left a letter from her in my box, I would stop EVERYTHING to sit down and catch up with her. I know that God used me to teach Annet about His love which knows no bounds. No matter where we live, whether in a suburban setting or in a Ugandan village, God loves each and everyone of His children. He has a plan for each of us, a good and delightful plan. I’m so very glad that His plan for me included a connection to one of His dear children in Africa, my daughter in Uganda, Annet Kagoya.

Bee blessed today. Love, Natalie

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