Oscar Mayer Weinermobile Exposed

Mother Goose has been sitting on this egg for more than twenty-four hours, wondering and waiting to see if it should be exposed or not. I’ve decided it’s time to go public with this. We have just recently been informed that…..the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile is on a secret mission. You may see it on the road. You may see it parked at your local convenient store. You may see children gathered around the weinermobile smiling and laughing and eating hotdogs. My friends, don’t be fooled. This is very serious business.

You will notice that the writing is backward. Mother Goose has purposely disguised this picture so that our enemies and certain members of al-Qaeda would have more difficulty locating and identifying this operative. Because of the covert nature of this mission, I am not at liberty to discuss the true purpose and nature of The Whistle. But believe me, it is no ordinary child’s toy.

They travel across the country 24/7, criss-crossing the small towns, the villages, the cities and neighborhoods — always spreading the same message, coercing the innocent public into one specific activity. I will share it with you now, but please…let’s just be real quiet about it, OK?

The message and mission of Oscar Mayer’s Weinermobile is…..

Eat….more…..Oscar Mayer hotdogs….

Important Stats for a Goose

  • 79,310 honks to date

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October 2011