Mother Goose Stranded

There is no better place to be stranded than in Oak Park! We have everything here within walking distance, and the weather today is so lovely. I would just walk on home, but the big toe of poor Mother Goose is hurting today. Here’s the whole silly scenario, a story that Mother Goose can someday tell her grandchildren….to put them to sleep…

After dropping off dear daughter Jessi at the train, I pointed the ever unpredictable Durango towards our favorite place to buy vegan cake balls. Jessi was in an anxious flurry this morning before school, so I promised her double chocolate cake balls for when she got home this evening. I happily pulled into my parking spot right by The Bleeding Heart Bakery, and skipped merrily into the shop for my cake balls. Oh they are so good! This is a local, sustainable punk rock bakery right in our village — amazing pastries, my friends. Got my double chocolate cake balls and one extra for me — carrot cake ball.

Using the ignition key in the door lock as I always do, I opened the door to the unpredictable Durango. Immediately, the horn started honking with the most desperate cry! “Somebody broke in! Somebody broke in! HELP! SAVE ME! I am being entered and started by a stranger!” Awww cheez. I put the key into the ignition hoping that the deaf, dumb and blind car would recognize its owner and its own key. Honking continues. Screaming continues. The face of Mother Goose turns deep crimson red, and my body reacts with the most powerful hot flash I’ve had in my life. Like the top of my head will blow off any minute.

Finally after approximately 32 minutes of honking and screaming from the unpredictable Durango (which was probably more like three minutes in real life), there was silence. And the car still would not start. Small panic attack, very small. Mark is more than two hours away for the day. I calmly exited the horribly silent vehicle and walked quickly towards the nearest restaurant to use the bathroom. It’s an urgent time for Mother Goose. Then I ordered an espresso and sat down to figure out my situation.

Nothing to do except wait, I guess. Mother Goose is very good at waiting. But remember what Mister Rogers sang about waiting? “Let’s find something to do while we’re waiting, while we’re waiting…” So, Mother Goose went shopping. At the Marion Street Cheese Market! And I picked up such a nice new cheese from Minnesota actually — a Camembert called Bent River — mmmm it’ll pair up so nicely with my New Zealand sauvignon blanc and French flatbread if I ever get home…

And I also found a jar of Savannah Bee Company honey! Oh my goodness, what a great shopping experience! With my bag full of yummy treats, I walked to the Oak Park Public Library. And that’s where I’m conducting this storytelling blog.

Stranded, yes! Worried and upset? Hardly. But I better get out of here with my stinky cheese — the other patrons are moving farther and farther away from me!

Be blessed today! Love, Mother Goose

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  • 79,306 honks to date

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