Braggin’ on Mark Day

Mark deserves a day of accolades! So here’s to you, babe!

Mark is the owner and CEO of Big Black Pencil, a growing and innovative marketing agency with so many clients I can’t even keep track of them. He has been working in various geographical, topographical and regional areas over the past eighteen months — borrowed office space in Greektown, public libraries all over the western and southwest suburbs, Starbuck’s everywhere, hotel lobbies and in our bedroom (of ALL places! hmmmph…).

Well, I am very proud to announce that now Mark is working in his own office space which he built with his own hands. And he also used the hands of his good friend, Greg. And friend Joe’s hands. And he might have used son Eric’s hands also. And maybe Ben’s. And mine.

Happily the new home of Big Black Pencil is up and running.

Mark dreams big and has always been good with his hands. And I mean that in the most respectful and pure sense of the word. His father, James D. Cramer, taught Mark at an early age to pursue his dreams, make a plan, and execute the project. They used their own hands to make this cool Scouting project when Mark was just a cub. (That’s Mark and his big daddy in the middle!)

Please join me in giving my husband, Mark S. Cramer, a standing ovation and a roaring round of applause!

P.S. YES, he did the masonry!

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