One is Silver, the other Gold

When Autumn leaves start to drift by my window, I remember little things that my precious Mother spoke into my soul. Did you ever hear this bit of wisdom?

Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver, the other gold.

It’s a lovely pearl that she imparted to me when I was young. Our family moved to a different town about every three years as we kids were growing up. Actually I went to ten different schools in twelve years! I was always the new kid in class. It seemed that as soon as I was a part of a crowd or had a few close friends, Dad would get another transfer and we’d pack it up and head down the road. Friends would come and go. Mom would remind me of that verse, and I know that she applied it to her own friendships as well.

Eighteen months ago I moved suburbs away from my grown-up girlfriends to live as a newlywed in Oak Park. I have missed my weekly tea parties and walks and talks very much, but try to stay in touch with my golden girls. And it has been very difficult making new friends in this town. Is it because I’m older? Do I look too cranky to approach? How do people make friends when all the ladies are working and so busy? Should I change my hair?

But YAY the other day I actually had two conversations with two different neighbors! Imagine! Maybe these will be silver friends! One of the ladies I call Squeaky Mom because of her unusually high pitched voice. The other mom is Georgia. Mother Goose overflowed with joy! New friends like silver!

Squeaky Mom (who is also known as Kim) is nearly as old as Mother Goose — she has older kids like me, but also a young adopted son from Siberia. His name is Lucas who always says “hi” to me — Kim explained that his birth mother in Russia is Natalia and perhaps that’s why he connects with me. Huge blessing that he waves to me!

And Georgia actually took a picture of Mother Goose with another mom for the school yearbook — they want to have a page full of parents’ pictures. Ha ha so funny that she included me, and I’m not involved in anything at the school. But still she made me feel special.

I forever love my golden friends! And now God has heard my prayer for silver friends too.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dianna
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 21:44:43

    Hope the new friendships work out! I can’t imagine living in so many different places! I’ve lived within about 20 miles of my childhood home my entire life….So, although I do have some “silver” friends, most of mine are of the golden variety.
    Hope your new ones become golden…


  2. Jimmy
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 23:02:14

    This is a huge concern for me as I raise my family. The Air Force moves us every couple of years, which is great for Kris and I, but once our baby starts Kindergarten, the moves will be more painful and teary.

    I’ve never been too good at keeping the gold friends. Maybe one or two from each place I’ve lived. The Internet and social networking make it easier… I can at least see pictures of their new babies and read their inane statuses.

    We’re moving in July and my wife will make a couple apple pies for the neighbors and new church folk. Nothing like a little bribery to get people to talk to you.


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