Angels, Friends and my good dog Fran

I must say that this has been a very unusual week for Mother Goose. I have nearly been killed (or badly maimed) twice, and happily ate octopus in Berwyn. But wait there’s more — my dear old dog Fran has an aural hematoma in her right ear flap! Omigoodness Mother Goose is certainly ready for the weekend after all of that, but first, let’s just elaborate on these incidents.

Poor old Fran with her poor old ear. I have gone back and forth all week about taking her to the vet, and keep coming back to the rationalization that she’s doing better each day, but maybe she’s not. Her ear is puffed up and tender, but it’s not getting worse. Maybe Mother Goose is not a good dog mommy at all. And maybe Mother Goose should spend more time taking care of her pets and less time updating her Facebook page….

Carrying a basket of clean laundry up the stairs could have proven fatal on Tuesday. I lost my balance and I believe that for a time was hanging by a thread between heaven and earth — only angels could have been holding me as I struggled with gravity for several uneasy seconds. Lo and behold! I didn’t drop one clean sock out of that basket!

And the maiming could have certainly been a reality today as I was frying bacon for Mr. Mother Goose’s lunch. The black cast iron skillet was hotter than the blacksmith’s anvil. The hot skillet and its evil contents slid off the gas burner and into my mid-section, heading straight for my tender Mother Goose legs. Gravity again was repulsed and defeated as the angels helped me push the whole burning mess back onto the stovetop without even a splatter.

Thankful beyond words for the protection of these dear angel friends!

I would like to recommend Autre Monde Cafe. Those amazing little octopus legs with all their little suction cups were just three inches long, but they were VERY big on flavor. And they were lavender. If you can even believe that. It was served as a cold dish with some bright and exciting grape tomatoes who had their own marinade stories to tell. But lavender. Mother Goose kids you not, friends.

Please stop back tomorrow when Mother Goose tells you the story of her new friends and old friends.

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  1. Dianna
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 07:32:05

    Goodness! You have had quite a week! Hope your dear Fran is feeling much better.
    AND that your accident-prone days have come to an end. My hubby would tell you that I would have to have a rail on the other side of those steps, or I would have fallen long ago.
    Please take care and be careful!


    • Natalie
      Sep 25, 2011 @ 13:17:17

      Poor Fran had to have a procedure at the vet where they drained the fluid and “stuff” out of her ear, but she’ll be OK. And I should have put a little disclaimer about the rickety stairs photo — I found it online — thankfully it’s not really in my house! Thanks for the kind thoughts!


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