Our Favorite Rock Star

Mother Goose is happy and proud to introduce you to Suzanne Cordes. And heeeeeere she is….

Suzanne is Mark’s sister — his only sister which makes her even more special. She’s a beautiful California girl with a sweet little beach home, but is rarely there these days — she’s busy rigging up the light show for American Idol Live 2011 Tour! Can you even imagine that job? She gets to go to the concert practically every night for nearly three months — in a different city every night! She sets up the lights for the show (which was GREAT, by the way!), and then tears it all down and packs it up for the next stop on the tour.

We were so privileged to join her at the Allstate Arena just outside of Chicago last night to see the show. And not only that, but she got us special backstage passes and took us to the catering area backstage where we had some dessert and hobnobbed with the eleven finalists from this season’s American Idol competition. We met, shook hands and even got some hugs from some of the “idols” — very nice, very friendly kids all of them. Lauren is sooo sweet — of course, being from Georgia how could she be anything else? Haley is very amazing, a high-energy angel with the softest hair. Casey, James and Stefano all characters to the end. Jacob said his hi’s and then went straight as an arrow to the banquet table! (Somebody commented, “Don’t get between that guy and the food…”)

Suzanne has been working the concert scene for thirty years or so, working with some of the greats in the rock and roll world. She did rigging for Aerosmith for many many years as well as Gloria Estafan, Beyonce and others. She’s been around the world so many times it makes your head spin!

She is humble about her friends in high places — she is gracious beyond the imagination. She is very lovingly spiritual, and her soul is gloriously beautiful. What else can I say about Suzanne, except I love her and wish we could spend more time together — our visits are always much too short.

Mother Goose loves Suzanne — she’s one in a million!

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  1. Dianna
    Aug 10, 2011 @ 08:15:28

    How special to have someone in her line of work in the family! I’m sure meeting everyone at the show was thrilling for you.
    Sounds like she has just the right demeanor to work with such famous folks.


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