The Simplest of Things

When was the last time you got excited about a butterfly? Walking out of my house on Thursday, I spotted this one.

I choked up! It was so very large and so unusual. It was so colorful — such iridescent blues and greens and grays. I wanted to show someone, ANYONE, but no one was coming out the door behind me. I quietly shouted (yes, it’s possible) and waved frantically for anyone who might be looking out the window or near the front door of the house. Finally AnnaRose came out and with a look of shock on her face, she ran back into the house to find Joe and the butterfly net.

Meanwhile I stood in awe, trying to soak the sight into my brain forever. AnnaRose came back outside and said, “Well, take a picture of it, Mom!” Shaken out of my stupor, I reached into my pocket for my phone and snapped the picture just before it moved to another flower. A miracle!

By then Joe had found the net. With the grace of a gazelle, he leaped around and around the yard and garden, trying to capture the gorgeous creature. I should have had the video camera rolling for that action! Eventually the Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly eluded Joe and his net which was really OK with me. We had at least caught its beauty digitally if not physically. Who wants a dead butterfly anyway, right?

There are no accidents or coincidences or mistakes in God’s kingdom. How gracious of Him to bring that beauty into our garden for such a short time.

Blessings on your day and on your garden today, friend.


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