Mediocrity at its finest!

So I decided to begin The Novel.  I wrote one page.  It was neither hot nor cold, so I vomited it out of my computer.  On to the next big thing!

I’ve been inspired lately by some really great writers and thinkers.  People who “poke the box” and people who believe that we should “love like there’s no tomorrow” and people who believe in the almighty power of prayer and people who know that we have abundant lives if we will just stop and notice.

So no more historical novel for me.  It was an interesting idea, but it’s not my cup of tea.  I like to write about people — THAT is my niche.  I love to dig into who they are now and dream about where they are going next.  I am looking for Jesus in everybody I meet.  Sometimes I make up people (and that’s really fun!) but the folks I meet are always more interesting than the ones I create.

Although I DO have a funny fictional character named Little Wife, and I might tune into her channel and see what’s happening over there lately.  Anyway, thank you for helping me to focus, and for helping me see what’s real and helping me to go for the GUSTO and BALANCE and PEACE and JOY of being who God made me to be.

Blessings on you today!  Love, Natalie

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  1. Dianna
    May 19, 2011 @ 08:41:45

    Good luck with the novel! I guess real folks are more interesting than made-up ones. Some of the things people do, you just can’t make up!


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