My Dear Sister

She goes by many names, but I call her Sissy Poo. Mom named her Leslie Diane many years ago (I forget how many….). We all decided that was a very formal and feminine name for such a busy little tomboy — our baby sister was so tiny and so active. My brother and I happily announced that she was a human bean and we called her Bean for awhile. Bean morphed into Ben (that didn’t last long) and from Ben to Bunn. Amazingly and with my mouth wide open, I say that she’s been known as Bunn for at least forty years. Who would have ever thought?

My sissy poo has been my beautiful maid of honor three times!  In this my last wedding, she’s attracted a bee into her bouquet because she is so sweet!

She has also worn many hats in her life. All of them interesting and most of them legal. I have long forgotten the beginning of her fancy resume, but in the last twenty years, she’s served as a volunteer fire fighter in her community. I am so proud of her in that role, the only woman firefighter in Keewatin. She has also been the KFD secretary and treasurer for years and years.

Her latest business adventure is so unique and so exciting and so fun that I can only say that it involves puppies. Trust me — this is her dream job.

Who knows where Sissy Poo will go next? I just wish I could go along with her. She is six hundred long miles away from me, and I miss her so. But I’m just so thankful for her sweet friendship and her amazing way of making us all laugh. She lives life abundantly! Kisses and hugs to you, Sissy Poo.


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  1. Dianna
    May 13, 2011 @ 06:44:51

    Sweet tribute to your sister!
    I smiled about her nickname. When I was born, my sisters were 15 and 16. My mom named me Dianna, but the younger sister decided that name was too “long” for a little baby and started calling me Dianne. For most of my life, only school teachers called me Dianna, although I’ve always used it legally. But in recent years, I’ve decided I prefer it over Dianne.
    Thanks for the smile!


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