Horrible House Fire

Last Wednesday at about 4:00, I saw on my front porch in the sun.  I watched kids playing down the block and across the street.  One of the little boys across the street ran next door and plucked a dried hydrangea flower and ran around the side of the house with it clutched in his hand.  Getting too warm in the sun, I went inside and then sat on the back porch in the shade.

Ten minutes later, my stepson Eric shouts “Fire! Fire!” from the front half of the house.  I run to see what’s wrong and see the house across the street going up in flames, porch and front of the house quickly becoming engulfed in fire.  No firetrucks in sight, no firetrucks wailing in the distance.  People on the street and on the sidewalk calling 911. The firehouse is two blocks away!  Where are the firetrucks? Why is that house burning? What can I do? And where are the kids?

It was a feeling and a sight that I can only describe as irrational.

To make a long story short, everyone got away safely with no injuries.  The nanny who had neglected to keep track of these young fellows at least had the sense to move them to safety.  The firetrucks finally came — nearly every truck in our village and surrounding towns — I’m sure there were more than ten trucks and paramedic units parked all up and down our street.

The parents arrived, and that was the saddest picture of all.  I could only think, They left their house this morning for a normal day of work and activities and this is what they came home too.  So quickly a regular day can turn into a tragic day that we can never forget.

But the bottom line is this:  Rejoice with all your hearts that no one was hurt!  Yes, they’ve lost their home and their pictures and their stuff, but they still have their precious family.  Neighbors and friends are gathering around them and providing so well.  In this case, once again, LOVE WINS.

God bless you and your precious family today.  Love, Natalie


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  1. Dianna
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 14:22:18

    That is so sad. But I’m glad no one was hurt. Reminds me of my post today about the tornadoes.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I’m planning to read more of your posts!


  2. jeff noel
    May 14, 2011 @ 18:59:16

    Natalie, what a great post. Terrible subject, yet the way you told the story leaves us with a sense of relief that in tragedy, Love prevails.

    I can imagine those parents, off to work in the morning, like always.

    Can NOT imagine coming home the way they did.

    In the blink of an eye….

    Gods Grace, Mercy and Never Ending Love prevailed though. Thank you for sharing this.


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